Get Ready for This Year’s SRT InterOp Plugfest!

Join the SRT Alliance, Haivision, and special guest AWS Elemental for the SRT InterOp Plugfest kickoff webinar taking place on Monday, June 21st at 11am EST | 5pm CET. Then, join us for the SRT InterOp Plugfest from June 21st to the 25th for a unique opportunity to virtually engage and collaborate in testing with vendors across the industry to confirm your solution’s SRT compatibility. By testing and validating interoperability with SRT, developers can achieve “SRT Plugged” status.  

Last year’s SRT InterOp Plugfest saw over 40 leading broadcast and streaming vendors including Sony, Avid, and Telestream successfully test interoperability between products, services, and solutions that support SRT. In all, more than 700 product compatibilities were confirmed.  

This year’s Plugfest starts with a kickoff webinar, featuring Andy Robinson, Senior Solutions Architect at AWS Elemental. He will discuss the AWS experience with SRT and the impact its adoption has had for AWS Elemental. There will also be an update on SRT and the SRT Alliance initiative.    

SRT infrastructure will be provided by Haivision during the Plugfest, including access to streams from Makito X4 video encoders and decoders, and SRT Gateways will be deployed in the public cloud of your choosing, including AWS. Participants can also request a free trial account for the new Haivision Hub to use in interoperability tests for the duration of the Plugfest.    

The SRT InterOp Plugfest Kickoff begins on June 21st at 11am EST | 5pm CET and you can register to participate in the Plugfest with or without access to Haivision Hub, or to just watch the kickoff webinar with special guest, AWS Elemental.   

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