L&T Technology Services Joins the SRT Alliance and is SRT Ready

L&T Technology Services Limited, a global leading pure-play engineering services company, has joined the SRT Alliance and has been recognized as an SRT Ready partner providing customers with cutting-edge cloud-based video transport technology.   LTTS’ in-house platforms such as its next-gen digital signage system, Flyboard, combined with its expertise in SRT and cloud transmission open up a plethora of possibilities for the industry.

“LTTS has been at the forefront of creating engineering solutions over the cloud that are fast, reliable, and dramatically enhance efficiency for the media industry.  By combining our cloud expertise with SRT and Flyboard, we are delivering digital solution s that cater to the entire live streaming value chain – from media contribution to production, distribution, and delivery,” said Samir Bagga, Chief Marketing Officer at L&T Technology Services.

Read the press release in full here.

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