How the NFL, ESPN, and Microsoft are Using SRT to Save Time and Money

In April of 2017, at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas, Haivision and Wowza announced the formation of the SRT Alliance. The alliance enables the SRT Open Source Project dedicated to providing lower latency video transport over the public internet.

Since that time, more than 100 members have joined the SRT Alliance (as of May, 2018), making it the fastest-growing internet streaming protocol ever adopted by the open source community.

A year later, a panel was convened at NAB 2018 to discuss the usage of SRT, why it’s as popular as it is, and to talk about the path forward with such a broad and diverse group of adopters.

Moderated by Haivision’s CMO, Peter Maag, the panel looked at several use cases, and had the opportunity to talk about the future of video streaming, and how businesses can get higher quality, lower latency video streams with less infrastructure than ever before, and with less investment in person hours.

The NFL, ESPN, and Microsoft all use SRT, and they were more than happy to come to the panel discussion to talk about how they’re using it, and how it has benefitted their video workflows.

To learn what they had to say about SRT, read the complete blog post.

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