Eyevinn Joins the SRT Allliance

Eyevinn Technology – the European leading independent experts specializing in video technology and media distribution, today announced that they have joined the SRT Alliance, the open source initiative dedicated to overcoming the challenges of low-latency video streaming.

“We’re proud to join SRT Alliance and to contribute to the adoption of the open source video transport protocol that addresses the main challenges our clients face,” said Jonas Rydholm Birmé, VP R&D Eyevinn Technology

“Eyevinn Technology is well known within the streaming industry and a frequent contributor to the open source community. We have high hopes that with the support of Eyevinn Technology SRT will continue to grow and become the defacto standard for low latency internet streaming,” said Jesús (Suso) Carrillo, Director SRT Alliance at Haivision.

Read the full release here and check out Eyevinn’s recent article about its use of SRT.

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