Cinegy: Why SRT is Perfect for Remote Working

SRT Alliance member, Cinegy, recently wrote a blog post that explains why SRT is a critical component in remote working for broadcasters.  Lewis Kirkaldie shares how SRT is changing the way that companies are working, thanks to its two key strengths:  security and reliability.

  • Secure – you can use SRT for AES 256-bit audio and video stream encryption, which is critical in times like these with widely dispersed workforces and distribution channels. Circuits that were once under physical lock and key at a broadcast or production facility now must travel back and forth to someone’s home or workspace, wherever in the world that might be.
  • Reliable – if someone is operating a channel or conducting an interoperability test from home, as a great many are right now, they must have a reliable stream to ensure that what they think they are transmitting is actually happening. It’s also possible that they could be up-link contributing or simply carrying on as best they can to fulfill deployment obligations. In any case, it’s imperative that people can have the confidence that what they believe is happening is reliably taking place.

Read the full post here.

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