Caton Technology Joins the SRT Alliance as its Global Network Service CatonNet now Supports SRT

Hong Kong, July 22, 2021Caton Technology (Asia) Limited, a pioneer in next-generation IP network transport solutions today announced that they have joined the SRT Alliance, the open-source initiative dedicated to overcoming the challenges of low-latency video streaming.  

As part of Caton Technology’s overall strategy to provide network services with an efficient way to transport broadcast-quality live video over any IP network, joining the SRT Alliance would enable more connectivity to CatonNet, its global managed network servicing over 60 countries and employed in a wide range of applications across live broadcast, enterprise, healthcare, education, and other markets.

“Our customers and partners are faced with challenges at the workplace; to provide a high level of video service while optimizing their operation costs. By joining the SRT Alliance, we are providing our customers with agility and options for using the CatonNet IP service to engage the power of the internet to efficiently transport media assured live video and extend their reach to more applications, customers and markets,” said Gerald Wong, Senior Vice President, Global Operations at Caton Technology (Asia) Limited.

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