January 20, 2021

European Film Awards Rely on Cloud-based SRT Streaming Solution

Late last year, the European Film Academy chose to honor the nominees for the European Film Awards virtually in several ceremonies, which culminated in the Grand Finale on December 12th. This was made possible by a streaming solution from GlobalM in cooperation with Studio Berlin and MCI. Every year, the European Film Academy, together with EFA Productions, honors the greatest successes in European cinema. The European Film Awards are awarded in a total of 23 categories including prizes for film, [...]

January 13, 2021

Haivision Play Pro: The Definitive, FREE SRT Player, Now Available for Android

Play Pro, the award-winning, free app from Haivision, the original developers of the SRT protocol, is now available for Android. For broadcasters and developers who need to securely play or stream SRT feeds from anywhere, Haivision Play Pro for iOS and Android brings the reliability, security, and ultra-low latency of SRT streaming to mobile devices. For users on the go, Play Pro is a reliable streaming and monitoring solution that leverages the internet as an alternative to satellite or dedicated [...]

June 22, 2020

On-Set Facilities Joins SRT Alliance to Re-invent Film Production

British technology company, On-Set Facilities has joined the SRT Alliance to employ SRT, the open source low latency video transport protocol to power StormCloud the virtual production VPN. Using the StormCloud virtual production VPN production crews and talent all come together on virtual sets that are located in the cloud. By using the SRT protocol StormCloud is able to transport low latency timecoded video from any location into Unreal Engine. Once the video is inside the game engine, teams of virtual cinematographers, VFX [...]

June 09, 2020

Evertz Joins SRT Alliance

Evertz, a global leader in media and entertainment technology solutions announced that it has joined the SRT Alliance, the open-source initiative dedicated to overcoming the challenges of low-latency video streaming. Evertz has invested its efforts to implement industry-recognized and widely accepted open-source SRT protocol. As a result, the SRT protocol is added to its existing compression products. It has also been offered as a bulk and single instance SRT processing unit to both on-prem and in the cloud workflows. Additionally, [...]

June 08, 2020

New Panasonic AW-UE100 Camera Supports SRT

Coming summer 2020, the AW-UE100 will be the newest addition to Panasonic’s comprehensive professional PTZ camera lineup. The  AW-UE100 integrated pan/tilt/zoom camera supports a wide variety of IP transmission protocols, including high-bandwidth NDI, high-efficiency NDI|HX and Secure Reliable Transport (SRT). This new PTZ camera has a newly-designed direct drive motor for smooth pan and tilt movement and offers installation flexibility, low noise and high-resolution image capture. It is ideal for high-quality live remote and studio production for broadcast, staging, [...]

March 24, 2020

How SK Telecom and Collabora are Using SRT to Optimize Security Video Streaming

One of the main drivers of the SRT Alliance is to facilitate cooperation between different organizations, fostering the development of better video streaming technologies for everyone. This spirit of collaboration is very apparent in the groundbreaking work done by our members and partners. In this post, we will explore how SK Telecom and Collabora are working together to push the boundaries of real-time video in the Hwangsaeul project. Getting Started: SK Telecom and Collabora SK Telecom is South Korea’s largest wireless [...]

October 16, 2019

Throwing Shade at On-prem Color Matching: Bridge Technologies

It’s not often that marketing eye candy is deeply technical, but when it comes to multi-camera color shading for live sports, waveform vectorscope via browser with a mere frame of latency takes the cake! And that’s exactly what 14,000 attendees at IBC Show saw last month in Hall 1’s corner booth, where Bridge Technologies showed off their exceptionally low latency audio and video monitoring and analytics toolsets. Before the show, I had the pleasure of getting a demo of some of [...]

October 08, 2019

Tacking the Tough With SRT: Thierry Scozzesi of Cloud Production Platform, Dazzl

Livestreaming on social media is on fire. Whether it’s breaking news, celebrity events or sporting competitions, it’s a robust, game-changing video genre driving tremendous growth. When I spoke with Thierry Scozzesi, CEO and co-founder of cloud production platform, Dazzl, he sized up the market this way: “Only 2% of all sporting events are broadcast on linear TV. Even with all the sports on TV, that’s only 2%. There is so much additional sports streaming coming!” However, live video production is really [...]

October 01, 2019

A New White Paper: The Race for Cloud Leadership

Video streaming technologies and platforms have changed the media and entertainment industry forever. The lines between television, film, and streaming video are blurring. Cord-cutting and cord-trimming show no signs of slowing down and continue to outpace projections across all age groups. As a result, live and on-demand streaming platforms that bypass traditional distribution are on the rise and, with over 200 services, to choose from in the US alone, competition for viewers is fierce. Just recently, in its Digital [...]

May 29, 2019

Cinegy is SRT ready!

Although DVB and the World Wide Web are a similar age, they grew up separated from one another. Now, in 2019, they are finally, gloriously united via the new SRT protocol.